Uneekor QED golf simulator is a top-rated virtual golf technology that provides immersive golfing simulation through the precise evaluation of swings. Fueled by superior technology, it comes supplied with all the necessary software and installation instructions to get you into the game straight out of the box. For optimal performance, it requires a computer with specifications like an Intel i5 8400 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, all on a Windows 10 platform.

Pre-Game Calibration: The Key to Accurate Data

To extract the most authentic shot data, calibrating your Uneekor QED is vital. That means paying attention to the exact leveling of your hitting mat and making sure it’s oriented accurately. The calibration ensures the computer can precisely capture your swings.

Delivering Accuracy without Compromising Price

Ranked as a splendid launch monitor, Uneekor QED boasts highly accurate software despite its relatively economical price. It is capable of delivering salient data points like club path angle, ball spin, and carry distance. For the most precise outcomes, always remember to calibrate your system before use.

All-Round Software Package

Uneekor’s proprietary software comes with the QED, offering an exhaustive range of features from training platforms to course play and engaging novelty games. Despite its compatibility with well-known TGC systems, it should be noted that these are not included in the package and need to be separately acquired. The software and simulator will require installation on your PC, after which calibration precedes the inaugural swing.

Ignite Your Golf Game and Upgrade to the Next Level

Uneekor QED is coupled with the proven Ignite software, catering to a wide variety of features like a driving range, fitting calculator, swing motion study, and more. You have the option to upgrade to their Refine or Succeed software packages which grant more advanced functionalities. While the base software necessitates secure mounting and cable connections to the PC, upgrading entails setting more advanced club parameters and compatibility with third-party software.

Doesn’t Every Golfer Deserve Uneekor Balls?

A crucial part of your Uneekor QED experience are the golf balls, the authenticity of which determines the correctness of the spin rate captured by the machines. The balls you use must be marked at appropriate locations for the Uneekor QED to accurately detect the ball rotation. You can either purchase specially marked balls provided by Uneekor or mark them yourself. Your shots are only as good as your balls, so choose wisely!

Uneekor QED – Perfectly Suited For Your Space

Owing to its compact design, Uneekor QED fits snugly into a space around 17 feet long, 12 feet wide, and nine inches high, making it appropriate for indoor usage.

Count on Uneekor QED for Flawless Accuracy

Glancing over the reliability aspect, Uneekor QED sits atop the league. It is competent of reading both marked and unmarked balls and provides crucial data about carry distances and flight directions. Pair this with the Uneekor EYE XO calibration, and your golf training becomes not just accurate but entertaining too.

Your Personal Golf Coach

Uneekor QED bundles a user-friendly tutorial video, enabling quick learning. The software provides an array of valuable information like club path, face angle, and smash factor, which help in improving your golfing prowess.

Simplified Installation

Installing the Uneekor QED is a relatively straightforward process and takes about an hour. The prerequisites for a successful installation are secure mounting of the Uneekor QED, an uninterrupted power supply, and a PC with the aforementioned specifications.

By providing a complete golfing experience right in your living room, Uneekor QED has etched a name for itself in the market. All these features come at a highly competitive price, making the Uneekor QED an enticing choice for golf enthusiasts and experts alike. Don’t miss the chance to refine your golfing skills with the Uneekor QED.

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