To be effective with your digital marketing, you should consider using interactive posts to help promote your product or service. These work on Facebook, Instagram stories, or other social media. You need to understand the various types of interactive posts you can create. You can’t expect to succeed without a proper content marketing strategy. It’s great if you harmonize them with trending topics. Here are four different types of interactive social media posts that you can build on your Facebook business page right now:

  • Polls
  • Reaction polls
  • Surveys
  • Infographics

Each of these types of engaging posts has different purposes. It would be best if you tailored them to the business you represent. Choosing the wrong kind of interactive post can turn off your audience. Doing this will discourage user engagement. It is essential to ensure your audience remains interested in your posts. Include at least one of these elements in your digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Throughout the article, we will act as if these are interactive Facebook posts. Yet note that similar tactics apply to all social media or live video platforms. So what should you do to create your first group interactive posts? Here are some interactive post ideas that should get you started. These will help you build the social media engagement that you need. Doing this will help drive engagement from your social media users.


Using infographics as part of your interactive Facebook posts can increase your social media presence. These interactive content visuals can be practical marketing tools on social media. They must be focused and easy to read.

Using visuals in an interactive post will not only boost your online presence but will also boost your SEO. As a bonus, infographics are great for touch-screen devices. Infographics will increase engagement with your social media audience. Here are some tips for creating a good infographic for social media marketing.


Before creating your infographic, choose a topic that resonates with your audience. Make sure to select a topic that relates to your product or business. Pick one whose level of interest is high enough on social media to draw people in. Include credible data that will strengthen your credibility. Use visual elements to connect with your audience. Don’t forget to include a citation in the footer. Your audience will appreciate this, and it can protect your digital marketing team.

Use many channels

Post different portions of your infographic on various social media channels. If you’re using a header, try distributing other parts of the infographic in separate posts. For instance, if you have a chart that contains information, you can post that too. Doing this will increase the exposure and drive traffic. You can also use your infographic on Facebook interactive posts and your blog or website.


To make a poll on Facebook:

  1. Visit the page you wish to create.
  2. Go to the Publishing Tools tab and click on the Polls option.
  3. On the poll options section, click the ellipsis icon next to the question you would like to ask.

There, you can type up to 25 characters for each answer option. After creating the poll, set the poll duration. By default, Facebook allows you to run the vote for up to a week.

Using Facebook polls is a great way to collect meaningful data. It will make your brand more marketable and relatable and create a buzz among your audience.

Creating a poll around your content can create a spike in comments and likes if you have a content mill. Doing this will force the algorithm to push your poll to more people. Facebook polls can help you build brand awareness and increase engagement with your audience. They can even help you sell your product before it’s released.

If you want to add a poll to a group, you can use the Polls option to create the poll. You need to select a photo or video and click the Polls option. Select the Poll option and type the question and multiple choice answers. You can also choose whether the results of the poll will be visible to your followers or not. You can send reminder emails to your followers asking them to complete the poll. It’s a great way to get more engagement with your interactive content. Furthermore, it will promote that interactive content to their friends.

Reaction polls

The popularity of Facebook Live, where people post videos of themselves asking questions, has spawned many ‘Vote by Reaction’ posts. These posts ask users to show whether they prefer dogs or cats.

This interactive video content and highly visual social media posts are easy to create for news organizations. They have generally received positive responses from the public. It is a great marketing strategy. The downside of using Reactions to vote is that these polls tend to be gimmicky and often appear on social media platform newsfeeds without a clear purpose. In response, Facebook has banned Reactions as voting mechanisms in Live videos. So you may have to be careful with this interactive social media post.

The most basic way to create quizzes and polls on Facebook is to create a post and include some text. You can then add up to 25 response options. Each choice has many answers and can consist of user-created options. You can also tag people in the poll if you’re trying to attract influencers. However, beware of baiting techniques as these violate Facebook’s advertising policy. To avoid violating the Facebook policy, don’t use the “Yes/No” option for polls.

Reaction polls are another great tool for marketers. They can be very detailed and provide great insight into your audience’s interests. You should use the information to develop better content or improve the product experience. Using reactions as responses to a Facebook post or event can also help to create polls on Facebook. You can even use these polls in Messenger, allowing users to engage with you in a unique, real-time way. These were the original interactive social media posts.


Create a survey and share it on your Facebook page as your content marketing strategy. These can be great interactive social media content. Facebook provides many features to make the process easier. These include an easy-to-use editor, question bank, and call-to-action. These are great to have in your digital marketing strategy. Not only do they encourage interactions, but they also help you learn about your social media audience.

You can use the built-in survey engine to collect data from people and customize the experience. Here are some tips for creating social media interactive posts using surveys. Listed below are a few of the top tools. Once you’ve decided on the tool you want to use, you can create a survey using it.

Typeform is an excellent choice for creating surveys for Facebook interactive posts. Its intuitive interface lets you create surveys and share them via Facebook and other social media networks. The tool also has a live copy preview feature that lets you see how your survey looks while you’re working on it. You can play around with the placement of the visual elements and check the responses on a mobile device. You can also customize questions with Typeform’s built-in templates. However, the landing page design looks relatively blank space heavy.

A good survey poster knows the audience he wants to reach. It isn’t easy to pinpoint which demographics will respond best to your survey. Social media networks are constantly growing, making them a great place to catch a diverse audience. Posting survey links to social media can help you achieve this goal. But, be aware that audiences on social media are diverse, so you may need to get creative when posting links. The other great thing about surveys is that they can help you better understand your target audience. You can then tailor your future blog post articles to match the interests discovered from these interactive posts.

Fill-in-the-blank questions

There are two common forms of Facebook interactive posts: the questions that require answers and those that need users to fill in the blanks hinted at by the content creator. This is a great type of interactive to encourage engagement.

Both are great ways to boost engagement among your audience. For example, a question that requires your audience to write their first thought about a brand can encourage them to take action. Then, another fill-in-the-blank question can ask users to write the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear about it.

An interactive Facebook post is all about getting your audience to contribute. You want to focus on something the user will feel so compelled to answer that they can’t leave it alone. You want to encourage users to interact without them realizing it. That’s the best way. Learning about your audience’s opinion over time can only help you develop even more compelling other posts from those to then create more opportunities to create interactive posts bringing results.

Understanding how to use your audience’s opinions is a fantastic way to drive brand loyalty. Treat your digital marketing strategy in a way that outshines your competitors. Better still, your digital marketing strategy can be created using user-generated content from these interactive posts.

Where to Post

So while you have all this excellent interactive content, where do you post it. There are several ways to tackle this. Do you do a single post to your feed? Or is there a better way to get in front of your potential customers? One example of a great thing to do is post to a group interested in a topic specific to your niche. Group members may not follow your page but have already shown commitment to that topic. You can gain extra new followers that can help boost your click-throughs. Also, don’t neglect the comments section. It is an excellent way, if not the best, to confirm that you are an actual human and engage your audience.

Remember when doing your digital marketing strategy that nothing gets more organic traffic than engaging content. Interactive content is the most engaging of all the content. It is the easiest way, maybe one of the best ways to get in front of new people by using the different varieties of interactive content listed above.

It’s a two-way street, though. Pick the right way to engage people, and your page will do great. Spam them with nonsense, and they will hate you forever. Therefore, more engagement interactive posts aren’t always better.

Video Example


While Facebook isn’t the trendiest interactive content platform, it is an excellent place to use an interactive post to boost engagement.

The suggestions above offer different ways to create interactive posts for your social media marketing. They provide helpful tips on reaching your audience, getting more engagement, and encouraging users to interact.

If you’d like to know more about incorporating interactive posts into your content marketing or other social media posts – or indeed need any help with your marketing strategy, contact us on the link above! You’ll be glad you did!

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