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There are a few different types of email marketing platforms. You may want to check out Wix ShoutOut, MailChimp, or Moosend. Each has its own pros and cons. To get an overview, read our comparison of each one. You may be surprised by the features each offers. If you don’t know how to use them, you can always contact our customer support team. They’ll be happy to help.


Moosend is an email marketing platform that enables users to create and send emails. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor and lets you add various elements to your email, including images, text, and social buttons. There are four different types of campaigns – regular, newsletter, and custom. You can even use an HTML editor to create custom emails. With the powerful drag-and-drop editor, you can create a unique email design and send it to your list.

Moosend’s free version offers limited customization of email templates. Users can choose from 40+ email templates to create their own unique messages, brand themselves, and change the HTML coding. This email marketing platform also allows users to add subscribers easily, either from their own database or from a CSV file. Users can also manage and segment their email lists in real-time. Moosend is a great option for businesses looking to launch email marketing campaigns.

Moosend helps marketers save time by automating tasks and allowing them to focus on creating new content. It also includes features that help analyze customer behaviour and actions, such as open rates, bounce rates, and forward rates. It also has a library of templates, as well as a WordPress plugin that lets users add and customize emails. These features help marketers maximize their conversions. Moosend offers automatic email delivery and can run campaigns on a recurring basis.

Moosend is an email marketing platform that offers many features for small to medium-sized businesses. Its robust automation and built-in campaign builder allow users to increase their marketing efficiency. With a free trial plan, you can test out the program and generate a list of subscribers. It also offers phone and chat support. Moosend also allows users to create landing pages in a matter of minutes. The company’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Wix ShoutOut

The Wix ShoutOut email marketing platform is a great tool for creating a newsletter that catches your readers’ attention. Its email templates are customizable, allowing you to add your own flair. Its integrated signup form encourages subscribers to opt-in and offers a variety of options for email design. In addition to incorporating a signup form, the Wix ShoutOut email marketing platform has an intuitive campaign editor.

One of the great things about Wix ShoutOut is that it allows you to import contacts from your email address book. This feature allows you to import contacts from multiple sources, such as your Gmail account or CSV file. Additionally, it allows you to manually add contacts. Then, you can manually label each list to make it easier to understand which contacts are most likely to respond to certain emails. This process takes less than 15 minutes, and the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages of a free platform.

The Wix ShoutOut email marketing platform is easy to use. Wix users already use WIX for their website, so they can easily add Wix ShoutOut email marketing to their website. It comes with pre-made Subscribe Forms, customizable templates, and the ability to import email lists from other services such as Gmail or Outlook. This feature makes it easy to design a newsletter without coding, and the Wix email marketing platform supports both HTML and CSS.

Another feature of Wix ShoutOut that helps you build an email marketing campaign is the platform’s drag and drop functionality. While Wix is known for its website building platform, it also offers email newsletter service. Wix ShoutOut is one of the best tools for email marketing, with more than 80 million users. You can create and customize an email newsletter with its drag and drop editor, just like building a website.


The SendinBlue email marketing platform offers a host of features that help you grow and maintain a large list of subscribers. With automated campaigns, you can send messages based on contacts’ preferences. All you need to do is trigger the automation, such as a visitor visiting your website. SendinBlue has a variety of templates for you to choose from. The interface is user-friendly and straightforward. We give Sendinblue 4.5/5 for features and ease of use.

The platform is simple to use, and it comes with decent support resources. There are context-sensitive help buttons on most screens and searchable FAQs. There is also a help center and ticket system for any questions you may have. You can also use the service’s Facebook advertising extension to target customers on the social network. However, it is not foolproof, and you should be prepared for some glitches. You might also find yourself needing more assistance with your Sendinblue account than what is provided.

If you’re looking for a reliable email marketing platform, you’ve come to the right place. SendinBlue is a powerful tool for creating and managing email marketing campaigns. It also includes a drag-and-drop email editor and pre-set email elements. If you’re interested in testing new email designs, you can do so with its A/B testing feature. The platform also supports sending SMS messages and autoresponder messages.

Apart from providing email marketing features, the platform also has CRM and landing page creation features. The software also offers over 70 responsive email design templates. Users can preview their emails before sending them. A/B testing and segmented recipient lists can help you test your emails based on performance metrics. In addition, Sendinblue offers advanced triggered campaigns. By targeting leads based on their online activity, you can send targeted emails to specific audiences.


If you’re looking for an email marketing platform that can help you generate more business in the UK, MailChimp might be the solution for your needs. Mailchimp’s intelligent feature uses over two billion data points to provide you with content that is relevant to your audience and tailored to their interests. You can automatically generate product recommendations, and even create personalized emails without having to start from scratch. Other features include Purchase Likelihood, which breaks down your audience by likelihood of buying again, and Customer Lifetime Value, which highlights the prospects who’ve bought from you in the past.

In addition to its powerful automation features, Mailchimp also has a wealth of other integrations with popular marketing services, allowing you to streamline your workflow and increase your revenue. Mailchimp not only uses email marketing as a tool to send promotional emails but it can also be used for transactional emails, Google ads, Instagram, postcards, and coupons. It even has a dedicated website to help you with your business and manage your marketing automations.

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and develop a relationship. According to the DMA, email marketing has a ROI of $38 for every $1 invested. So, it’s easy to see why so many companies are turning to email marketing as a way to grow their business. Mailchimp is a great way to simplify your email marketing, and it has plans for every business size.

Mailchimp also provides a number of tools that help you track the performance of your email campaigns. Its Smart Tools will help you create the best email subject lines and improve your response rates. Its Next Best Action feature helps you make smarter decisions based on your campaign data. You can also create and manage segments in your contact list according to geography. This way, you can tailor your email campaigns to your customer’s location.


Ongage offers a comprehensive analytics suite that allows marketers to analyze the performance of their email campaigns. Ongage’s dashboard allows users to track a variety of metrics, such as list field performance, ISP, and contact information. Users can also track the performance of individual campaigns based on date, subject line, and country. In addition, Ongage’s support team can answer questions about the functionality of the software.

Ongage’s campaign module integrates with multiple ESPs and SMTPs. You can reroute campaigns based on delivery statistics, domains, or other criteria. Ongage also allows users to create custom workflows based on various factors, such as email subject lines, campaign content, and more. By leveraging Zapier and Ongage’s underlying technology, users can automate tasks and achieve a unified view of their campaigns.

Ongage was founded by a team of experts with extensive experience in email marketing and company building. The company’s CFO, Michal Braun, has extensive experience in digital marketing, startups, and VCs. He is passionate about creating and implementing cutting-edge technology for her clients. Roman holds a B.A. in Business Management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He spends his free time taking photos and gardening.

With Ongage, marketers can manage high-volume campaigns using the most sophisticated email marketing platforms. With a complete suite of analytics and advanced segmentation tools, Ongage can help marketers drive measurable growth. This includes improved deliverability and efficiency. It helps marketers segment their contacts based on their email activity level. It also offers automated campaign management tools. If you want to boost your business’s performance and ROI, Ongage is the email marketing platform for you.

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