There are many different types of mastering software. Some of the most popular programs include FabFilter and its bundle, Forge Audio Studio, Nuendo, and WaveLab. Listed below are some of the best options available today. Which software is right for you? Read on to find out. This article will discuss the most important features to look for in the best mastering software. However, these features are not exclusive to any particular program, so there are a number of other options that you should consider.


If you want a high-quality mastering plug-in, you should consider FabFilter. Its mastering suite consists of four plug-ins, each designed to make your recordings sound better. They include limiters, compressors, multiband dynamics, and more. Moreover, the FabFilter Mastering Bundle comes with interactive help and support, as well as RTAS compatibility.

FabFilter is a renowned mastering software provider. This software offers professional audio plug-ins and intuitive user interfaces for all levels of users. Its Pro-C compressor offers eight different compression styles and intelligent auto-gain. This plug-in also comes with variable knee and hold, mid/side processing, and a Retina user interface. For the most demanding engineers, FabFilter Pro-C 2 offers a wide range of tonal controls, intuitive routing, and a beautiful Retina interface.

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 includes a powerful EQ plug-in. With up to 24 EQ bands, the Pro-Q 2 can bring brilliance to vocals. Its curve matching capabilities help you match EQ bands to the right part of the mix. Sweetwater engineers use multiple EQ plug-ins to create a perfect master. You can choose which ones work best with your material.

FabFilter bundle

FabFilter bundle mastering software features a wide selection of essential mastering plug-ins, including the professional limiter, compressor, EQ, gate/expander, and synthesizer. These include the acclaimed FabFilter VST plugins. These plug-ins are highly versatile and offer excellent sound quality. You’ll be able to master any song in no time.

The FabFilter Mastering Bundle includes a professional limiter, EQ, and multiband dynamics plug-ins. Its FabFilter Pro-MB multiband compressor offers pumping upward compression, while the FabFilter Pro-L limiter is a feature-packed mastering limiter with advanced signal processing. It also includes an intuitive metering interface that enables you to adjust thresholds precisely.

FabFilter Pro-Q includes an interactive MIDI Learn mode and features such as EQ Match and Spectrum Grab. It offers top-quality linear phase operation, variable stereo placement of EQ bands, an intelligent solo feature, and an optional Auto Gain. It also includes a spectrum analyzer. FabFilter Pro-Q 101 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes with an extensive help file.

The Pro-C includes eight compressor styles and offers program-dependent attack and release curves. It’s used in audio mixing applications and has a clean, modern interface. It offers flexible signal routing, customizable channel linking, and external side chain inputs. This software is ideal for mixing and mastering audio. So, if you’re looking for mastering software that’s easy to use and versatile, then the FabFilter bundle is for you.

Forge Audio Studio

Forge Audio Studio is an excellent choice for mastering your music tracks. It features three powerful modules that are particularly helpful for mastering. The DeHisser module eliminates uniform white noise caused by microphones, preamps, and transformers, while the maximizer helps you enhance the quality of individual sounds. Both modules use a sonic profile to find the logical starting point. The included presets are highly customizable, allowing you to customize each one to match your taste and personal style.

Forge is equipped with DSP effect plugins that provide superior precision and ease-of-use. Its coreFX 2-Point Compressor features individual thresholds for adjusting dynamics. Another useful plugin, Wave Hammer 2.0, is a four-band maximizer and compressor. It combines the best features of both tools, allowing engineers to change parameters on different parts of the mix. In addition, it includes iZotope Ozone 8 Elements, which contributes to its high-quality mastering tools.

If you’re looking for an affordable, professional-quality mastering software, the acclaimed Forge Audio Studio offers comprehensive tools for audio editing and manipulation. It features a full range of professional effects, allows users to digitize old vinyl, and lets them master their music tracks. It even has a free trial version that lets you test the program out for one month before buying it. You can also import audio files from CDs and rip CDs. Forge Audio Studio also comes with the MasteringBox, a free audio mastering software for android devices. With this app, you can master tracks within minutes, record live, and mix your music.


If you’re a professional audio post-production artist, you may be familiar with Nuendo. It’s the program of choice for professional audio post-production facilities, video game studios, and film producers. Among the most challenging tasks in audio post-production is dialogue editing. Boom mic recordings must be aligned with recorded dialogue. Voice overdubs must be recorded and synced with the picture, and the program’s workflow has been completely revamped for version 12.

New versions of Nuendo include the latest features. The most popular feature, the ADR taker, lets you import ADR scripts and create marker tracks in Nuendo. Nuendo also supports EdiCue v4 software, a popular tool for managing ADR and cues. Nuendo’s integrated solution can convert an EdiCue PDF cue list into cycle markers. This integration can even go a step further, with direct syncing of data between the two programs.

For musicians, Nuendo 11 offers new tools, such as Scale Assistant, which automatically adjusts the key editor. The Score Editor includes Note Length Overlays, Velocity Overlays, and a Property Tab with access to notation settings. The application now supports Apple’s M-series processors. In addition, the new version now supports 5.1 surround sound. With this new feature, music professionals can master any track in the software without losing quality.


LANDR’s desktop application has the full LANDR mastering platform at your fingertips. It allows you to preview your masters while running with minimal CPU load. It also works on any operating system, so you don’t need to switch between different tabs to access its features. With the LANDR Unlimited Plan, you can earn 100% of your earnings from your music! If you’re a beginner or an audio whiz, this free mastering software is definitely worth a try!

LANDR features instant mastering. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze your track and automatically adjust the audio effects to achieve the desired sound quality. Typically, this process includes equalization, compression, reverb, and stereo image. The result is a more cohesive sound and better balance. Users can upload their tracks using the software’s free mastering samples, which cut across every major genre. It’s important to remember that different people want different things when it comes to their audio.

Another feature of LANDR mastering software is its ability to bulk upload multiple tracks at once. You can even work with multiple files in single or folder formats. In addition to batch uploading, this mastering software allows you to compare masters from multiple versions. Volume matching is exclusive to LANDR Pro subscriptions. You can even compare masters to ensure you’ve got the right master. But don’t worry, you’ll never hear a distorted track ever again.


If you’re a professional mastering engineer, the DS1-MK3 is the centerpiece of many studios. But if you’re not an expert, the MM-1 can make your recordings sound as professional as the studios do. This powerful software is user-friendly and has five universal styles, each of which has been carefully designed to enhance the sound of your mix. You can choose between the Loud, Punch, and Wide styles and adjust the amount of each one, depending on the sound you’re after.

If you want to make your music sound like a pro, the MM-1 has everything you need to produce an enviable mix. This plug-in contains EQ, compression, harmonic exciter, and low-end enhancer. Its user-friendly interface enables you to manipulate each control with a single click, and its controls are clearly laid out in simple English. The MM-1 is similar to the Waves Infected Mushroom Pusher.

The Ozone module is an excellent choice for those who are just getting started with mastering, since it includes an auto-match feature that analyzes the reference track’s frequency spectrum and applies EQ curves to your mix. Other modules have similar functions. Ozone is great for beginners or for anyone who wants to make their mastering process easy. However, it’s not suitable for professional mastering engineers. Instead, it is great for home users.

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