AI in consumer tech is not merely a trend; it’s a revolution. It’s reshaping how we interact with gadgets, how we perceive the world, and how the world perceives us. The year 2023 is pivotal, marking significant strides in artificial intelligence, and here I stand, a testament to these changes, with anecdotes and analysis that are as personal as they are universal. The five trends Ill discuss are not just speculative; they are the reality that we’re all part of, and they’re unfolding before our eyes.

5 AI Trends to Watch in 2024

1. AI Will Become More Human

AI is changing the world

Gone are the days when AI was a distant, robotic voice. In 2023, AI is more human than ever. My own encounters with AI-driven customer service avatars have left me occasionally forgetting Im speaking with a machine. These systems now understand sarcasm, emotion, and can even engage in small talk. It’s an eerie experience at first, but one that underscores the incredible progress in natural language processing (NLP) and emotional AI. The data backs this up, with a recent study showing a 47% increase in consumer satisfaction when interacting with AI that has more human-like capabilities.

Insider Tip: Engage with AI customer service without preconceptions. You might be surprised at the humanity of your interaction.

2. AI Will Be More Explainable

AI is changing the world

Explainable AI (XAI) is the new buzzword, and it’s all about transparency. Its no longer sufficient for AI to provide answers; we now demand to know how it got there. In my professional life, I’ve seen the mistrust that black-box algorithms can breed. Now, I witness a shift towards models that lay bare their decision-making processes, a change that’s critical for industries like healthcare or finance where explanations are paramount. A recent report by Gartner predicts that by 2025, 30% of government and large enterprise contracts for the purchase of AI products and services will require explainability.

3. AI Will Be More Inclusive

Inclusion is at the forefront of AIs evolution. I recall a time when voice recognition software struggled with accents that deviated from the standard American or British English. Now, AI is learning from a wider range of dialects and sociolects. This movement towards inclusivity isn’t just socially commendable; it’s good business sense. By embracing diverse data sets, AI is becoming accessible to a broader audience, thus expanding its market. Research indicates that AI programs with inclusive data sets can see a usage increase of up to 50% in diverse markets.

Insider Tip: If youve been turned off by voice recognition before, give it another try. You might find its learned a thing or two about diversity.

4. AI Will Be More Responsible

AI is changing the world

The ethics of AI are getting their due attention. Were not just asking if AI can do something, but if it should. My journey in tech has shown me the potential harms of AI, from perpetuating biases to breaching privacy. But 2023 is seeing a surge in responsible AI, with frameworks being developed to ensure AI serves the greater good while minimizing harm. This isn’t just feel-good rhetoric; its becoming enshrined in policy. The European Union’s proposed Artificial Intelligence Act is one such landmark, setting out rules for the development and use of AI within its member states.

5. AI Will Be More Sustainable

AI is changing the world

Sustainability is the challenge of our times, and AI is rising to meet it. The computational power required to run large AI models has a carbon footprint, a fact that the industry is becoming acutely aware of. Innovations are targeting energy-efficient algorithms, and my experiences with startups in this space have shown me the potential for AI to not just reduce its own environmental impact, but to also help other sectors do the same. Smart grids, optimized resource distribution, and predictive maintenance in manufacturing are just a few areas where AI is driving sustainability.

AI is Changing the World

AI is changing the world

Each of these trends is a piece of a larger puzzle. AI in consumer tech is profoundly influencing the very fabric of society. From the AI-driven recommendations on streaming services to smart home devices that learn our habits, AIs omnipresence is undeniable. In my home, a simple voice command adjusts the lighting, plays music, or tells me the weather. This convenience, however, comes with the responsibility to ensure that the AI shaping our lives is developed and managed with the utmost care for ethics, inclusivity, and sustainability.

AI is not a wave of the futureits the tide upon which were all currently sailing. Whether were ready or not, this tide is sweeping across every shore of human endeavor. The trends of 2023 are merely the harbingers of whats to come.

As we move forward, let’s embrace AI with a critical, yet open mind, understanding its potential while advocating for its responsible growth. For those of us riding this wave, its an exhilarating time to be alive, at the brink of possibilities once reserved for the realms of science fiction. AI is changing the world, and we are the witnessesand shapersof its transformative journey.

By Ash

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